A big thank you to Susan Whistler, as a very gracious host, to the JSAS quiz Night. Thanks also to the Inimitable Phil Cox and
his very talented and lovely assistant Marie, for putting the quiz together and making it all happen on the night.
Big thanks to Morag Kiaras for her splendid Stovies, Elaine Cameron for a fine Broth, Fiona Hay for Oatcakes and Cheesy
Oatcakes and Elaine Shon for a fine selection of puds.     

The Quiz night proved to be more than a hatfull for some and Mark Manderson even insisted on taking his home with him.
I think he needs the bolts !! The McCHUFFS and the McTIARAS were matched by the JakartaPosters and BenParktons but the
Electric Heeds held their own up until the last when the cursed drink may well have proved to be their undoing! The McHORNYs
tendered a respectable performance, as did the McVICARS though no holy intervention was forthcoming and they, like their
close rivals, the BabyTims, were not destined for Honours. The TartanTams were colourful and turned in a spirited performance
in the Whisky tasting part of the quiz. Following a refreshment break, where the bill  'O' fare included excellent Stovies,wonderful
lentil soup and fine broth, tatties and mince, oatcakes and cheesy oatcakes. Finishing off with Sticky-Toffee Pudding, tablet,
fudge, Apple shortcake, marmalade pudding and lashings of cream, the teams embarked on the next leg of the quiz, 5lbs
heavier and like to ryve. The McTIARAS chased down the prize, pipping the other teams right at the end with a performance
well worthy of men who wear little girls dress up toys on their heeds!!!.  Sue, Elaine and Morag however looked great in theirs. It
was then the time for budding Burns students to show their stuff by providing their own very special rendition of  "To a haggis'.
Their efforts were magnificent, one and all, and the audience were delighted by their impromptu performances. Then it was
more blethering, more drinking then we all went home.  The end.