OOPS... A Cheeky little Malt
fir Lauren
Nae Idea ...but Cheers!
Some of course resorted tae the internet! but to no Avail
It smells like whisky and Deepak
knows it's whisky but which one?
The Deputy Chieftain performs his
now famous Nose Trick where he
consumes a whole bottle of malt
Whisky using only his nose!
Well it's kinda Peaty and smells
kinda like burning tyres so it
must be John's home brew!
and swallowing some of the finest malts, beforehand!

A sound foundation of fish and chips, meat pies and veggie curry lined the stomaches nicely for this event and the cakes,
sticky toffee pudding and Scottish tablet, courtesy of
Elaine Shon, were consumed in fine fashion. Alex Smillie got
everyone up for a dance and predictably, once up, all enjoyed the sloshing of whisky and meat pies as they stripped the
willow in excellent form. By this time of course a few were having trouble differentiating their lefts from their rights but on
balance this was no deterrent to the determined bunch who took to the floor.... Well done to all

A big thank you to
John and Anne Somerville for putting the quiz and tasting notes together and also to Morag and
Yanni Kriaras
for helping to set up the BWA house. A big thank you also to Susan Whistler the BWA Chair who was
sadly unwell on the night and unable to attend, for making the house available.... much appreciated.
Johnnie Walker has 5 Labels – all colours; name them? (1 point each)
Around 23 Scottish distilleries named after GLENS are currently producing Single Malt whisky; Name them? (1 point each)
There are 8 distilleries on the island of Islay; name them? (score one point per distillery – plus one bonus point for correct spelling)
What is the “Angels Share”? (5 points)
Scottish folk songs are riddled with references to “Scotch” whisky; but these references are sometimes shrouded in obscurity.       
      (Example – Harry Lauder’s song entitled “A Wee Deoch an Dorus”.  Name some others? (3 points each))
Name the whisky distillery with the same name as the winner of the Grand National horse race in 1980?
How many years must a whisky mature before it may be legally sold as “Scotch”
The grain used in “Scotch” Whisky is BARLEY – which grain is used for Bourbon