The Java St. Andrew Society Games night was billed as a night of "Games, Food and Fun"  and our gracious hosts
Joan and Ronnie Steele were kind enough, not only open their house to the society, but even went as far as installing a
pole dancing option in their pool. Ronnie failed to utilise said pole, though I have a feeling that with a few more drinks in him
he may well have succumbed  to temptation! Ronnie and Joan's two lads, James and Lewis were in charge of score gathering
and game scheduling and were often the only people who actually knew what was going on. Both did a wonderful job of
marshalling the various competitors away from their blethers and beers and onto the appropriate competitive venue.
done James and Lewis.

Elaine Cameron's daughter, Lauren greeted the guests with a charming smile and was undoubtedly the night's best dressed
With tremendous patience and in spite of the numerous expert's input she pressed on and put together the team selections
doing a great job of it. Not only that, she even served the trifle!
Well done and many thanks to Lauren.   

A special big thank you to
Aker Solutions for their kind support and to Neil Stewart and Elaine Shon for putting the games
system and competitor cards together. Their keen interest in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics was readily apparent and
certainly came in handy !!

A big thank you to
Barbara and Alistair Speirs of NOW! JAKARTA magazine for providing prizes for the spot draw and for
their generous offer of a FREE THREE MONTH  subscription to
NOW JAKARTA for JSAS members. Heather Zerbi won the
lucky draw and  a 500,000 voucher donated by
NOW! JAKARTA Magazine.

To the games themselves...
Thirty two determined players started the competition proper after a few beers and other refreshment.
All teams were initially equally matched and with one round down it looked like it could go to any of the teams, all of which
were named after famous malts. As the second round was completed however an emerging pattern confirmed that some were
just not quite focused enough on the games to take the trophy. A few more beers and they were even less focused. Team D
(Dufftown) and E (Edradour) blasted ahead and Mark and Morag looked set to make a clean sweep of it as the finals
approached. The Clean sweep however was thwarted by Neil Stewart and Elaine Cameron who pipped them at the post by
taking the darts, and the coveted wooden dollies. Sue Bradley strenuously denies all accusations of using camera flash to
influence the outcome of the games and maintains that claim today.

Well done to all
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4am they wouldn't go home
4am they wouldn't go home
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