May those who love us, love us.
And those who don't love us,
May God turn their hearts;
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles,
So we will know them by their limping.
If you ever fancied owning a Scottish Castle, and don’t mind moving out of Nairn to the area
around Wick - oh, and you have £5 million in your pocket - there’s something at Rightmove you
might be interested in: Ackergill Tower

Magnificent castle with vaulted entrance hall, smoking room, study, billiards room, double
vaulted dining hall and pipers gallery, drawing room, morning room, 17 bedrooms each with
en-suite bath or shower rooms, extensive ancillary and staff quarters, office and cellars
A range of Victorian courtyard buildings have been adapted to provide fully self- contained
guest cottages of significant stature and includes Britain’s most northerly Opera House, a
secondary dining room and kitchen as well as the estate workshop, stables and tack room, 2
further detached estate houses, Victorian walled garden.
Magnificent tree house, two Listed doo’cots.
Gardens and parkland extending to about 30 acres
Shooting and fishing rights leased over 4000 acres of the neighbouring Hempriggs Estate .
Ackergill Tower is situated right on the edge of the sea overlooking the glorious sandy beach at
Sinclair’s Bay on the very north east corner of mainland Scotland just 3miles north of Wick and
only 15 miles south of John O’Groats.
It is a stunningly peaceful yet dramatic location, punctuated with long summer days and winter
nights highlighted by the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and with views across the sea to the
Orkney Isles.
Of course, plenty of opportunities to entertain friends in style:

In the meantime, if that sounds like too much housework, then Cawdor Castle finally opened
again to the public at the beginning of this week - though without any suggestion of being up
for sale. :)
Ackergill Tower
Scotland begins renovation project for Castles
Whaur’s Ma Mince?
The desperate plight of a Moray man who, unable to locate a
sufficient quantity of minced beef for his evening meal, finally
loses the plot and takes vengeance with his frenzied rap.
Robert Burns becomes first person to feature on Coke bottle
Robert Burns is to become the first person to feature on a
commemorative bottle of Coca Cola.
By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor
DELAYS IN cleaning up Scotland's polluted rivers, lochs and coastlines will breach European law,
leaving vast areas of water contaminated for many years.
About 800 stretches of water covering more than 11,000 sq km will still be classified as "bad",
"poor" or "moderate" in 2015 under official plans to improve the nation's water quality.
Tartan Tights
Are set to be in the in thing this year when it comes to Designer Tights, featuring on the Catwalk at
visible on the High Streets with shops including Tights Please, M&S and Debenhams Department
store selling them.
Wallaby cull on small Scottish island
Dozens of wallabies living on Inchconnachan island in Scotland could be culled in order to protect
native wildlife.
Fed up of the myriad myths and distortions trotted out ad nauseam to support Scottish Nationalism?
Me too. This blog aims to bust and debunk the myths on an ongoing basis.
Gathering of the Scots a huge hit with participants and
Although Friday evening, the unofficial opening of the Eighth Annual Gathering of the Scots, saw
a few showers, some serious rain and threatening weather, Saturday’s events at Baird’s Campground
just below Perth saw almost perfect weather. Overcast in the morning, it was still warm enough to
be comfortable, and the sun shone in the early afternoon. People responded early and all through
the day and took advantage of the weather to enjoy the Gathering
Eternal Press will publish a new book of fiction by Scottish author, Colin Galbraith, this summer.
STELLA, a paranormal mystery novella, will be released in e-book and paperback on 7th June,